Transgender Treatment and Support

I have treated male to female transgender individuals for more than 20 years. The time it takes to complete facial clearance depends on the client’s ability to attend regularly and to afford the treatment. Physiology plays a part too. How much hair is there? How coarse is the hair? What are the male/female hormone levels? What is the pain threshold? What is the condition of the skin? How well does the skin recover from regular long sessions? Will the client adhere to aftercare advice and keep the skin in good condition? As an expert in this field I can advise the transgender client on how best to manage the removal of their facial hair. To clear the face will require between 1 and 4 hours a week to begin with. This tails off over time. It is estimated that a total of between 100 and 400 hour will be needed to clear the face.

It is believed that while anti-androgens cannot affect existing hairs, they may retard the regrowth.